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After the Apocalypse Book 4 Retaliation

Five years after the Rise of the Furies, the walking dead are dying out.

Bites don’t infect . . . but anyone who dies, turns.

Skilled outdoorsman Tom Vanicek wants a future for the two children he’s protected so fiercely through five years of living hell.

Now a part of the reconstruction efforts in the decaying ruins of Columbus, Ohio, the Vanicek family see the risks (and the rewards) of their new life.

Tom tries to keep to himself so he and his children can get ahead.

But in the aftermath of the bloody Uprising by the City’s dissident Lefthanders paramilitaries, life will never be the same.

Tom thought he was done with fighting for life and death everyday, but too many dangers remain . . . and the only way for him to keep his family safe is to face those risks head on.

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Johnny Ponder and Stacy Ledbetter are found murdered in Shepherd Park. The event has rattled the tight-knit community. On the same night of their murders, blueish-green flashes light up the night sky all around Syracuse. Strange things are reported in the area. Cars shut off unexpectedly while traveling down the road. Radio signals were lost.  

As things began to level out and normality is restored, an alien race known as the Qspolians make their presence known. Their interplanetary cruiser crash-landed on Earth, effectively stranding them. Sergeant O’Reilly is hand-picked by the president to complete one task: He is to act as ambassador for the human race and do whatever it takes to keep peace. 

Instead of keeping peace, O’Reilly plunges Earth into World War Three.  

The Day of Reckoning is upon them.