After the Apocalypse Book One: Resurrection

After the Apocalypse is available now!

Book 2 begins recording shortly!

“Five years after the Rise of the Furies, the walking dead are dying out.     

Bites don’t infect…but anyone who dies, turns.    

Skilled outdoorsman Tom Vanicek wants a future for the two children he’s protected so fiercely through five years of living hell.    

When rumors reach them about reconstruction efforts in the decaying ruins of Columbus, Ohio, the family make the dangerous overland trek for the chance to begin again.    

But political alliances, secret factions, doomsday cultists, and other ruthless survivors mean life in a broken city of more than 60,000 traumatized and desperate souls may prove even more dangerous than surviving in the wild.”

What’s New?

Ok, I haven’t been very good at keeping this updated, but I will try to be better at it.


FIrst, completed a new audiobook  After the Apacolpyse Book 1: Resurrection by Warren Hately.   A great new twist on Zombies and living After the Apocalypse.  I’ll let you know what it’s released.

After the Apocalypse

And just released, The Simple Life Guide to RV Living  The Road to Freedom and the Mobile LIfestyle Revolution by Gary Colllins.   A great step by step guide to downsizing  your life and living in RV’s.

And, be on the lookout for more Simple Life Guides coming soon to audio!