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Seventh Flag by Sid Balman Jr.

The US and Europe have unraveled since World War II and radicalism has metastasized into every community, tearing away the decency, optimism, and security that shaped those robust democracies for more than eight decades. No place is immune, including the small West Texas town of Dell City, where four generations of an iconic American family and a Syrian Muslim family carve a farming empire out of the unforgiving high desert.

These families’ partnership is as unlikely as the idea of a United States, and their powerful friendship can be traced back to a bloody knife fight in a Juarez cantina just after World War II. The bond forged that night between Jack Laws, an Irish American who staked his claim in West Texas after the war, and Ali Zarkan, whose great-grandfather sailed from the Middle East to Texas in the mid-1800s as part of President Franklin Pierce’s attempt to create the US Army Camel Corps, shapes each generation of the families as they come of age and adapt to shifting paradigms of gender, commerce, patriotism, loyalty, religion, and sexuality. From the beaches of the Western Pacific to the battlefields of the Middle East and from the lawless streets of Juarez to the darkest corners of the Internet, the two families fight real and perceived enemies — journeying, as they do, through the football fields of Texas and West Point, the hippie playgrounds of Asia, the music halls of Austin, the terrorist cells of Europe and the political backrooms where fortunes are gained or lost over the rights to Western water. 

Prison Days: The Second 6 Months by Simon King

Get ready to continue the real-life drama from behind the walls of one of the country’s worst maximum-security facilities. Experience horrific assaults, blood-thirsty murders, and the kind of drama that needs to be heard to be believed.

Simon King shares a raw and uncensored look beyond the razor wire, giving you the opportunity to see how life really runs inside a place filled with those whom society would rather forget.

Prison Days: The Second Six Months brings together the final six books in the series. If you enjoy learning about the raw, real-life crime that isn’t found on any news program, then you will love Prison Days.


True Story from a Parallel Universe: The Poe Detective Agency, Book 1

All Detective Romeo Moon wanted to do was hunt down and capture a mass-murdering demon-god who just so happened to be a member of his family. A man-to-dog shifter himself, he’d usually be up for the task, family or not, especially with the help of his best friend, a mixed-species zombie-human undertaker…. But what is one to do when you discover a conspiracy that includes the mayor, the city police, a robber baron with the most powerful magic of all (money), a Dracula Vampire, and an army of both the living and the dead all involved in a plot to take over the city?

Can he stop it? Can he even survive trying to stop it? Find out now in this face-paced, snappy, and smartass historical urban fantasy!